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playing with paradox


Mar 06, 2024, 5:00 p.m. EST – Apr 03, 2024, 11:00 p.m. EDT

Art credit- Bruce Alderman

Image by Matt Gross

Why Limicon?

We find ourselves in a liminal space between worlds, entrenched in a metacrisis, and embedded in cultural systems that are inadequate for regenerative future civilization.

We are people living the question: How do we become the humans we need to be, both individually and collectively, to be in service to hospicing the old systems and midwifing the new systems that are emerging?


Part we-space, part choose your own adventure, part field-nurturing experiment, Limicon 2024 is an online container open from March 6th - April 3rd. Experience a unique process designed to help you navigate these uncertain times and discover new ways of being.

For those
in the web'

​You may have discovered, perhaps even against your will, that you are already a part of an emerging field, not quite named, but teeming with new connections and ideas. For you, we aim to:

  • Bring to life a new vibe - developing our capacity to create culture that brings out the best in each of us
  • Bridge 'liminal web' conversation with tangible projects, jolting the field into liveliness

  • Share the community and practices we've found with others in our lives that we care about

For those
on the edges

You sense that 'business as usual' isn't working and that something new is needed. You have heard inspiring visions and wonder how they connect to your present life. This event is for you.

  • Step into 'not knowing', see the world with fresh eyes

  • Dare to risk who you are for who you are becoming

  • Try something ridiculous, host an event, make new best friends

  • Discover the new world that is already growing in the old


Photo by Matt Gross on Unsplash

How Limicon Works

This is an open-space convention, where participants are invited to create the events and possibilities they want to attend.


Come Together

Join a group of people who love collaboration, learning and want to create a better world  (facilitators, healers, space holders, network weavers, systems wizards, etc). 


Surface Possibilities

After registering, join our Network Map, and share the things you enjoy, care about, and have to offer. Co-create the event schedule on the Limicon Miro. *Optional: Host your own session.

Can I


Be Present and Attune

Come to the space present and open to connection and possibility. Attune to what is already here.

Limicon Background-01-08_edited.png
Limicon Background-01-11_edited.png


Reflect and Evolve

Notice - What is happening? What are we learning? How are our connections evolving? What conversations want to emerge?

It's a blank canvas!


No events at the moment
Limicon Background-01-10_edited.png

Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

Limicon Background-01-04.jpg
Limicon Background-04.jpg

Network Map

When you register, you'll be invited to join this network map! Together, we'll see the shape of the collective that is attracted to this invitation - what we are drawn to and what we are excited to share.

This map will help all of us to co-create an event fit for exactly who is coming.

Click to explore the map.

Image by Matt Gross

Building Limicon Together

Check out the current schedule below. Attendees can suggest or host their own offerings in this space, before and during Limicon.

We hope this feels playful and fun - like putting on some music and seeing who comes to dance!  

You can attend one of our co-creation meetings and meet fellow participants while envisioning the possibilities of Limicon.

Limicon Co-Creation Meetings.png
Limicon Background-05.jpg
Limicon Background-01-12_edited.png
Limicon Background-01-13_edited.png

*Access limited to Limicon 2024 registrants.

Opening Ceremony

What do we want from Limicon?

Future of Work Mixer

Talking Trash

The Musicality of Being

Sex Magic & Erotic Energy Alchemy

Movement Building

What is Metamodern/Liminal Entertainment

Religion in the Liminal Web

Men's Circle: Hero, Child, Shadow

An Oral History of The Integral Stage podcast

Limicon Co-Creation Meetings

Binding Spirit and System

The Demise of News

What's Halting Your Healing & Growth?

Intro to Gendlin Focusing

Story Sharing-Spiritual Journeys

Movement Building

The Culture of Fear-Based Control

The Living Question with Peter Limberg

Power and Governance

The World Wise Web

The Network Map - Sensemaking

Village Limicon

Movement Building

The Glass Bead Game

Introduction to SpiritDAO

Vibe Bead Game

Movement Building

Feel your Chakras

Money Shadow

Psychotech Dojo - Try out the Jhanas!

Collapse: How to Make Game B Actionable

Ephemeral Group Process

Storysharing:  Transitions to Game B

The Role of Highly Sensitive Folks


Communal Reverie

How to Bridge Money & Meaning in the Liminal Space

The Inner Development Goals (IDG) & Loneliness

Cyborg Math

What's Emerging in Psychedelics?

Cycle of Kairotic Flow - introduction and conversation

Psychotech Dojo. Welcome to the new beginning

Consent Decision Making

...and what are you tending to in the Forest?

Liminal Late Night Show

Changing the Paradigm

PLASTIC - Problem-Solving the Metacrisis

Movement Building

(Men's Circle) The Torch: Playing With Purpose

Submerge 2024 - Conversations from a Bubble Bath

How to Establish and Grow Local and Regional Meta-Hubs

Liminal Education and Parenting

Potential Outcomes

An Oral History of the Integral Stage

What would you love to have come out of Limicon? Here are some ideas from folks who are coming:

  • A group of folks discover they all live in the same city and decide to meet in person.

  • A homeschooling group is inspired to create a deliberately developmental living room.

  • A map of the network of Limicon, that grows and sees itself.

  • People building stuff connect with folks who want to help (including funding).

  • A knowledge archive for the Limicon Commons which will continue to grow.

  • Increased well-being, belongingness and hope amongst the participants.

I mean... really, what couldn't happen at Limicon?

Contact Us

Want to get involved?

Have a question, concern, or suggestion? 

Not sure who left that weird manuscript under your pillow?

Contact us at

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