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Welcome to

We are excited to be hosting you in this process-focused container. We are experimenting with ways to curate a space so that is fun, nourishing, supportive, safe, deliberately developmental, and productive. Whew, that's a tall order, thank goodness you're here!

Important Links

Password: Cocreate2024

*Please do not share the password with anyone who has not registered for Limicon.

*The email address you used to register for Limicon 2024 has been granted permission to view Limicon's private calendar. Please refrain from sending requests to access the calendar with other email addresses.

*Please do not share this link with anyone who has not registered for Limicon.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people have had difficulty adding the Google Calendar to their calendars. This needs to be done on a desktop. The app, for some reason, does not accept invitations like this. Once you add the calendar using a desktop, you will be able to view it on the app.

*All events are set to "free" (as opposed to "busy") so that the events will not interfere with anyone booking appointments with you if you use your calendar for clients.

Limicon 2024 Session Recordings (private playlist)

*Please do not share this link with anyone who has not registered for Limicon)

Several Ways to Participate

There are several ways in which we are inviting guests of this experience to participate:


1. ​Network Map: The Limicon social systems network map is an exciting way for you to be introduced to fellow Limicon participants. It can also be used to track the connections you make during the process and will live on past March. Make sure to check the map often to see how the network is evolving.

2. Co-Create. A team of us are currently working on designing the space, and we would be delighted to have you join us.

  • Join one of the weekly ‘Welcome and Co-creation Meetings’. It's a casual space to answer questions, connect with others, and build Limicon together! Click the link to join a meeting! If you missed a meeting, you can watch the recordings here.

    • Wednesdays at 5pm EST

    • Fridays at 10am EST

  • Post ideas on the Miro anytime. Miro is an online whiteboard that we are using to create the playground for Limicon. It is here where you can add a session you would like to host, suggest a session you would like to see, or vote on proposed sessions. Feel free to play around here as you would like

    • (Need help navigating the Miroboard? We'd be happy to help you learn-email us at subject line "Miro").

  • Host a session. If you would like to propose a session you would like to lead fill out the form here. Please feel free to use this space to experiment with new things, be goofy, or bring together interesting combinations of people.

  • Request a session. If you would like to request a session or to have input into the design of Limicon, answer the questions here...dream big, be wild...we'll see what we can do!


Finally, between March 6th and April 3rd attend any of the sessions and participate in whatever ways feel comfortable to you.

Overall, we want this experience to bring like minded individuals together in right relationship for the benefit of life and the planet. We are happy you're here.


Team Limicon

P.S. Ask questions, voice concerns, give us your opinion…we're open to all of it.  Email us here:

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