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Answers to the questions we've received, shared here for the benefit of all.

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What is Limicon?

Limicon is an online process dedicated to strengthening the growing ecosystem of communities spawned from the liminal web.  The three main goals of Limicon are to: 1. build connection and trust between members of the emerging field; 2. create engaging spaces for individual development and practice; and 3. nurture the field as a whole

Why "playing with paradox"?

Inherent in the spirit of this field, is the playful way in which it engages paradox.

Can I bring a friend?

For some individual Limicon sessions you will be able to invite a guest (see schedule for details).  Guests who want to attend more than a single session are encouraged to purchase their own ticket and join the network map!

I heard clothing is optional.  Is that true?

In an online setting people typically only see the top half of your body.  We ask that torsos are more-or-less covered for the sake of creating a safe and fluid social atmosphere.  But anything below the camera is fair game.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with Limicon.  Please email us at to learn more about opportunities.

How can I propose an event?

Upon registration, you will receive an email detailing the different options you have for proposing an event.  Or visit Co-Create Limicon.

Do I have to participate in the network map?

No, participation in the network map is completely voluntary; however, we have designed the map as a fun and interactive way for you to visualize the connections between community members and for you to get to know other Limicon participants. 

Additionally, our intention is that the map will live on beyond Limicon as serve as a resource for future collaboration.

Where does the money from Limicon go?

In some ways, we are still figuring that out...remember, it’s a process. Here’s our current thinking:


First, we need to cover expenses.  We are doing our best to keep these costs down.

Second, we’d love to put some of the money towards supporting people logistically and energetically organizing the space.

Third, we are going to crowdsource a project: Liminal Commons. The Liminal Commons will be used as an experiment in group decision making as we try various processes throughout the month to decide as a group how to allot that money to serve the greater ecosystem.

Is this going to work?

Yes, no matter what happens, we will learn something.

Get in Touch

Have a different question? 

Please email us at subject line: "Question".

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